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About us

We love our snacks and wouldn’t want to trade them for anything in the world. We love our munchies and just can’t get enough of the flavours! But are these scrumptious snacks as high on nutritional value as they are on taste?

At SnackWise, our intent is simple. We want to help you make wise snacking decisions without you having to punish your taste buds. Who said healthy snacking can’t be as savoury as your everyday snacks? Through relentless efforts and meticulous research, our team of nutritionists carefully choose every ingredient that goes into our tasty treats to ensure that you get the best of nutrition and taste in one deal!

We procure all the veggies, nuts and ingredients from the best in the market to give you the best to satiate your hunger pangs. With recipes so simple and flavours so close to home, we’re here to add the ‘wise’ to your snacking. We take the flavours from your favourite munchies and present it to you with a healthy twist. Having employed the latest technology, we give you snacks that have minimum fat and oil content without any added preservatives. Navigate your hunger wisely through snacks on-the-go that you can have without having any worry in the world!


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